Quiet Blender Accessory - Hear the Difference for Vitamix, Blendtec & More


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Blend and Cook in Style

Whether hosting a cocktail or dinner party for your wealthy and famous friends or a delicious home cooked meal with your family, our Quiet Blender Whisper Pad accessory will be a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

At À La Carte Cooking we believe in sharing the great products we love and use in and around our home with you for your home. Our blender whisper pad can easily be used with a wide variety of professional blenders and juicers to make blending quieter and more enjoyable. 

Noise Reducing and Improved User Experience:

  • Depending on which type of blender you have, our quiet whisper pad can assist in dampening the loud sound of your powerful blender, making your cooking experience a bit more peaceful.
  • Small Footprint and No More Heavy Lifting – Powerful blenders can be quite heavy, our sound pad fits directly under your blender and makes sliding it out from under your cabinet for use and back again when you’re finished simple and easy.


  • Machine Washable – wash with like colors on gentle cycle and lay flat to air dry.
  • Helps with Spills - Our whisper pad will help soak up any spilled smoothie, soup, sauce, ice cream, etc. With the black fabric there’s no need to worry about staining.


Dimensions: 9” wide x 10” long

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tim Adams
Huge difference

I have a Vitamix 520 from Costco …. Put a DB meter on it before and after …. This pad dropped the noise level from 100 db to 83db … no joke !

Claudia Einertson
Loud blender

My blender sounds like a train

Kirt Wlaschin
doesn’t help

Well made but does nothing to lessen the noise of my blender.

too soft

I had high hopes for the blender pad. I looked everywhere for a product like this but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Here is the good/bad: Good: it fits the base of the blender perfectly and makes sliding it a breeze. It looks good too and does dampen the noise a little. The bad: because it’s so soft, the blender actually rocks back and forth as it’s blending rather than sit solid on the counter top as it is supposed to. I ended up using it for another appliance so it isn’t wasted. The best thing I found was a thin mouse pad which was 9x10 inches.

Pete Palmeri
Does a good job

I bought it for its sliding ability. and it was great. It does quiet down my Vitamix a bit. To be fair, locking the Vitamix in a safe wouldn't quiet it down completely.