5 Women's History Month Celebration Ideas in the Workplace (No.4 is a Must-Try!)
March 06, 2022

5 Women's History Month Celebration Ideas in the Workplace (No.4 is a Must-Try!)

Do you have a special woman in your life? Is she your mom? Sister? Girlfriend? Wife? Boss? Then you know what superpowers she has. Because women are ordinary human beings gifted with extraordinary capabilities to love and make this world a better place to live for everyone regardless of gender and race. And, this “better place” could mean the office or any workplace. 

So, this March let us make the Women’s Month Celebration totally awesome because every woman deserves it! Here are our Women’s Month Celebration Ideas that you can have in the workplace.

  1. Skills Development Training

Conducting Women’s Development Training is a wonderful addition to the Women’s Month Celebration in the workplace. Women who possess skills that make them feel empowered are also catalysts for significant societal change. But don’t just stick to the usual personality development training or the soft skills enhancement training. 

Consider incorporating other types of training that not only develops skills, but can also be used to enhance women’s interests.

Instead of the usual training conducted in function rooms, have the courage to try something new such as setting up a crash course on Mixology and then prepare interesting rewards for those who participate. You can have mixology essential  tools for prizes. From blender spatulas, wall mounted wine rack, to wine glasses and shakers - there's plenty of stuff to choose from that will make the celebration even more memorable.

Another unique yet exciting activity for Women's History Month Celebration would be to invite the whole team for a Handgun Basics Training, yes I know not your typical work activity, but fun  nonetheless! Prizes may include paper targets or a gift certificate for a ladies night at the indoor shooting range. Incorporating these novel activities are a real game-changer for Women’s History Month celebration at work. 

  1. Trivia Hour

Studies show that taking a short break is indispensable to one’s productivity. Taking short breaks at work greatly  improves the brain’s ability to focus on a complex task. Therefore, to ensure that the Women’s History Month celebration does not get in the way of your team’s productivity, allow them to take a break, a fun-filled break. A trivia hour is a good way to gather around in the lounge during work breaks and play a Trivia Hour game. 

Trivia hour may consist of quizzes, a Q&A portion or the “Name the Dame” trivia about significant women in history and other influential women who made significant contributions in many aspects of our lives. Everybody at work can join and have the chance to win specific rewards. From simple questions like - Who is the current vice president of the United States? To mind boggling questions such as -What country was first to grant women the right to suffrage? These trivia questions can no doubt elicit laughter, fun and happiness in the workplace. 

You can also play the Cooking or Baking Trivia Game which works best for women or men who love cooking and baking. Trivia questions do not have to be too serious. You may also add more funny questions to make the celebration even more memorable. 

The Trivia game can be arranged as a team contest where women from different departments or divisions in the office compete with each other. The winning team will have a special treat to a free dinner set up in a separate room. Here are some dinner recipe ideas that do not take too much time for preparation but are just as perfect to be served in the workplace as a special treat to the winning team:

Ultimate Back to Work Dinners

Meals You Can Assemble in an Office Break Room

Don’t forget to add in some cocktails to make the day even more special! Here are some cocktail recipes that we would like to recommend:

Raspberry Martini

Huckleberry Lemon Martini

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

  1. Generate Funds for a Women’s Foundation

Fortunately, the United States is not short of women’s foundations for us to support. Gather some ideas or conduct a poll on which of the Women's Foundation echoes the same advocacies that your company also supports. 

Focusing on gender equality? You may generate funds for the Chicago Foundation for Women. Is your company looking to support women deprived of justice? Check out the New York Women’s Foundation. Do you want to help women who have been impacted badly by the COVID-19 crisis? You may provide help to a Women’s Foundation in the Washington Area. Would you like to assuage the troubles of women and girls of war-stricken Ukraine? Visit the UN WOMEN website and donate some amount.

All these and more foundations for women that you can choose from to give your support. The most important thing is to make sure that every woman in the workplace who participates in this gift-giving or fund-raising activity understands very well the aim, as well as the meaning of why everyone should find it in their heart to support foundations like these. 

  1. Cocktail Making Challenge

How about setting up a cocktail making challenge? Women who are not into cocktail making do not have to find themselves in a dilemma on what to do. Cocktail making is just so easy! You just need to find some inspiration and watch a tutorial video on cocktail making. Then, prepare the basic tools, buy the needed ingredients and voila! Every participant of this challenge will realize cocktail making doesn't have to be complicated to be enjoyed by everyone.  Every woman who joins this challenge will definitely find that making cocktails can be so much fun!

Not sure what cocktail recipes to try for the event? We have a compilation of videos on simple cocktail recipes that everybody can enjoy watching while learning at the same time.

CLICK HERE for a FREE Wild Roots Cocktail Recipes printable that will help you come up with different variations of cocktails without having to buy a lot of different ingredients. You just need a bottle of Wild Roots and then mix and match some ingredients to create a different set of delicious cocktails. This printable will serve as your cheat sheet for all the Wild Roots cocktail recipes, which is so helpful especially if you’re in a hurry to get things done and just don’t have enough time to plan the recipes for your cocktail challenge and just about any occasion.

  1. Organize A Trade Show.

Many businesses around the world have been hit badly when COVID-19 became prevalent. Luckily, since 2021 many businesses has gradually climbed up again and some of these have been owned by women. By organizing a trade show for Women’s History Month Celebration, everybody at work, no matter the gender, will be able to express and show their support for these businesses. 

Organizing a woman-owned business trade show inside the office may entail too much work. However, the benefits of this activity can also be profound not just to businesses who participate, but also to women organizers of the event. Organizing a trade show for businesses owned by women exposes everyone to the realities of setting up your own business and wading through lots of challenges to be able to finally get your business in the face of your target customers. 

The women participating in this event may not experience the challenges firsthand, but the process of organizing and participating in this event for a few days will surely serve as an eye-opener for women who are too hesitant about working on their own dreams and making them a reality. 

How about you? What awesome Women’s History Month Celebration Ideas do you have in mind? We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to enter your email so we can notify you as soon as we have new fun and informative posts like this.