Start the Year Right with These Fun Ideas
December 31, 2021

Start the Year Right with These Fun Ideas


Ring out the old to Ring in the NEW. 2021 is going, let it go to welcome 2022! 


Thanks to poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, these lines help us welcome new beginnings with an open mind and open heart. When you “ring in the new” it’s like telling yourself to be prepared to do things that’ll help you start the year right. 


But do you know what’s the best part of seeing 2021 come to an end? It also means you’re witnessing how 2022 will be ushered in with good spirits. And yes, there are many ways to start the year right.  

While it’s so tempting to just lie on the couch in your favorite pajamas on a New Year’s, you simply can’t do it when you’re hosting the celebration. You have to do something that’s fun, memorable and meaningful. This way, your friends will forever be grateful they rang in the New Year with you.

Here are some fun ideas on how to start the year right:

Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon


three girls sitting on couch watching hallmark movies


Invite your friends to a night of heartfelt yuletide tales by watching Hallmark Christmas movies.  It’s not just about escapism entertainment. It really does not matter whether you or your friend are a seasoned “Hallmarkie,” watching these movies have been proven to touch everyone’s soft side. 


Besides, in this pandemic era that we are living in now, many people would surely appreciate movies about “happily ever afters”. Doing this helps set an optimistic tone for everyone to start the year right.  And when a movie marathon calls for a break, take the time to prepare an easy Dalgona Recipe for everyone.


Trivia Nights


Hosting a house party and entertaining your friends on a New Year’s Eve can be tough. This is true especially if you have you're hosting a group of people from different walks of life. So, if a Hallmark movie won’t seem to keep them up until 12:01, a night of Trivia Games will definitely help them start the year right with happy and curious minds.


Trivia Games that have different categories i.e. music, Hollywood, history, Christmas facts and general knowledge will help keep everyone competitive and excited. Or, you can play the “Say Anything” game to keep the conversation and the cocktails flowing!


Make it more exciting by giving some prizes to the winning team such as a bottle of wine that they can take home. Check out Monte De Oro as a good option.


Corn Hole Drinking Game 


Corn Hole Games have long been a real hit among families and friends (and backyards). This is why when Taco Bell recently decided to add corn holes as part of their stores’ outdoor setting, it elicited many positive responses from their customers. 


But your home does not have to look like Taco Bell’s. A game of corn hole will certainly be a good way to entertain friends and families on New Year’s. 


Supercharge America’s favorite backyard game by pairing it with the right kind of drinks. Maybe your corn hole game even doubles as a drinking game, wink wink...


So, prepare the game and the beverages!  You can even level up the game by making cocktails that add some holiday twist to the excitement. Try A La Carte's Spicy Cranberry Moscow Mule.


spicy cranberry moscow mule


“Heightened” S’mores Party


From heightened s’mores, double-decker s’mores to everything that’s s’mores related - you could never go wrong with setting up a s’mores bar where all the bevy of sweet, chocolatey and colorful crackers and spreads can be found near the fireplace. 


Who could ever resist that perfect gooey filling for a bar of chocolate and the fun that goes with assembling your s’mores? Not to mention the thrill and laughter of adults licking their chocolatey fingers after all the crackers were eaten!


Creating s’mores recipes is such a perfect way to start the year right with your family and friends. Adults and kids will all enjoy the time spent together creating their own s’mores recipes. Can you picture the fun and laughter taking place in your own home? 


Get ready to give a reward for the best Instagram-worthy s’mores. 


Minute to Win It Games


Hershey Kisses New Year’s Eve Countdown and Champagne Relay Race are a few of the many games that will keep your guests entertained the whole night. While the memories of how fun the game turned out to be will last the whole year. 


The Hershey Kisses New Year’s Eve Countdown lets everyone put the right kisses in the right disposable cups. These chocolate Kisses have a number at the bottom and each has a corresponding cup to pair with. The first one to complete the pairing wins! 


The Champagne Relay Race requires each participant to fill up the champagne flutes with wine the fastest way they can. The catch? Each person will only be allowed to use a tablespoon to fill it up! The mechanics are so simple yet it’s the quickest way to get your guests laughing their way to midnight. Isn’t it a wonderful way to start the year?


Start the year right and you’ll always be in good light. Begin the day with a happy self and everything else will lead to a happier YOU. 


Remember, there’s no better way to ring in the New Year than to be with your loved ones.


Cheers to ringing in 2022!