vitamix blender with veggies and smoothies
March 13, 2022

Helpful Tips to a More Quiet Blender

Blenders are a real kitchen must-have. They have proven their worth over and over again. In the morning, they save us from grabbing a sugary donut and instead make us a healthy fruit and veggie smoothie.  Powerful blenders can make all sorts of deliciousness, from a creamy vegetable bisque, a morning green smoothie to chia breakfast porridge- your blender is always ready to help you prepare these in a jiffy.

However, these powerful and versatile blenders can also come with noise issues. The good news is there are plenty of ways to mitigate the noise to a more tolerable level. In this article, we present a list of different solutions for a more quiet blender. 

Don’t place it near the wall.

Avoid placing your blender in an enclosed space where there are concrete walls or any kind of wall that does not have noise-absorbing quality. This will only create an echo din that worsens the noise your blender produces. 

Each time you turn on your blender, the sound it makes will bounce off the walls thus making the sound even louder. Consider placing it at the center of your counter or at several inches away from the walls. That is, if you want to have a quiet blender that’s working to your favor all while keeping everyone in your household happy. 

Create a sound-enclosure box.

If you think you have enough time and a bit of skill to make a sound-enclosure box then prepare the materials for it. This is a cheaper option than buying a brand new sound enclosure box for your blender. You will only need a cardboard box, a thin foam or any material for padding and a piece of wood. The foam or padding will serve as a lining that absorbs the sound so you can have one quiet blender. Make sure your cardboard box is slightly bigger than your unit. You can decorate the box and make it look pretty. Or additionally, you could purchase this enclosure for your blender.

Use a blender whisper pad.

blender whisper pad

Rather than just putting a towel, mat, or potholder, under your blender, I’d suggest opting for a quiet blender whisper pad. You can easily slide this quiet blender accessory under your blender before you turn it on. This whisper pad is designed to reduce the amount of noise that your blender makes each time you use it, along with absorbing some of the vibrations. This pad is made with black fabric so you don’t have to worry about staining it when your blender spills some soup, sauce, or smoothies. 

There are also several other ways to avoid that blender noise issue such as the following:

Prepare your recipe a day before.

If you are worried about disturbing other people’s ears early in the morning, might as well schedule your blending time a day or a night before. Pour your blended ingredients into an airtight container so that in the morning you’ll only have to shake it a bit and voila you’ll have a glass of smoothies in an instant! Check out this “make-ahead” Almond Milk Smoothies and you’ll never have to worry about rushing in the morning to prepare some smoothies. 

Use the blender when no one is around.

Although this would depend on the type of recipe that you’re making with your blender. But you may choose to blend your ingredients in big batches and just put these in the freezer. This way, you can always have your blender recipe ready whenever you need it without worrying about waking up other people at 6am. 

Efficient Ways to Use Your Blender

Read the manual.

This may seem to consume much of your time, but this may also prove to be a life-saver. If you’re confident about using it right away as soon as you’ve purchased it, believing that you’ve been using a blender for years, think again. Whether it’s a quiet blender or a very loud one, it is built to be unique and therefore you have to treat it like one and avoid treating it like your old blender. 

When you read the instructions, you’ll learn tidbits that you might not have known before.  One example might be how to wash and clean your blender. Be sure to check all the parts that came with your unit to ensure everything is complete. 

Now that you finally have a blender, I guess you need some help with coming up with great recipes. For that, The Taste of Home’s List of Blender Recipes will prove to be very helpful!

Handle it with care.

Different blenders are built differently. The type of blender you purchased will determine whether or not your blender has sharp blades. If you’ve purchased a Vitamix then you can rest assured the blades are not sharp. They do have an edge, but it’s more like a butter knife than a razor sharp blade. 

Vitamix machines use the power of the motor to blend its ingredients, rather than sharp blades that will eventually dull. It’s for this very reason you’ll see Vitamix blenders used in commercial kitchens everywhere. 

In fact the next time you’re watching The Food Network, take a close look at the machines, you’ll notice they’re Vitamix machines, and many times the beautiful red ones.  

When you want to remove a stubborn piece of food under the blades, see to it that the unit is turned off, you never want to put your hand into a blender that’s turned on. No one wants a handshake… LOL (Total Dad Joke 🤣 ) 

If you use a spatula when scraping out food from the blender, check out A La Carte’s extra long and semi-stiff spatulas. These spatulas are not designed merely to be spatulas per se. In our kitchen, they have so many uses, everything from spreading mayo on sandwich bread, to scraping out the blender container, and one of the dog’s favorites is the peanut butter spatula. 

Literally, Bruce comes running when he hears the peanut butter container and sees the spatulas. Needless to say, these have been produced with “you” in mind to make sure your time in the kitchen is well-spent. 

Moreover, before you turn on the blender, do not forget to remove any utensils inside it, lest be shocked about your quiet blender, producing a strange loud noise as soon as you turn it back on. Yes, I’ve definitely left a spoon in there by accident before… Whoop!

Add enough liquid.

Blending solid food or chunky ingredients require enough liquid to ensure they blend well together, that’s if you’re trying to make a liquid smoothie. In a Vitamix, if you’re trying to make ice cream, or even shaved ice, or if you’re blending wheat berries to make wheat flour, liquids are not required; 

So it really all depends on what it is you’re making.  For example, if you’re making a morning smoothie with mostly frozen ingredients, having enough water, or milk, depending on what your recipe calls for, will ensure you have enough lubricant to get things going smoothly inside your blender container

Blending solid foods would be super easy if you use a Vitamix low-profile tamper. With this low-profile tamper, blending thick and chunky ingredients would no longer be a problem! That’s especially true when you’re making ice cream or sorbet. 

Be cautious with hot liquids.

If your recipe requires hot liquid such as a soup or a sauce, a word of caution if you don’t have a Vitamix. If you have a Vitamix, your machine is designed to handle hot liquid and ingredients. If you don’t have a Vitamix, be cautious because blending hot liquid can cause steam to build up inside the blender and if the steam doesn’t have anywhere to escape, it could blow the top off the container causing potential harm

To say that a quiet blender is a kitchen must-have would be an understatement. Just imagine all the recipes that you can do with your quiet blender! No matter how often you use it, when you have a Vitamix, you won’t have to worry about the motor starting to putter. You can rest assured you have quality. 

With a quiet blender, you’ll get indestructible results in your kitchen, an unlimited number of recipes that you can blend and lots of satisfied friends and loved ones!

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