7 Proven Floor Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners
April 19, 2022

7 Proven Floor Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Forget about hiring professional cleaners just to achieve super clean and well sanitized floors. 

Hiring professional floor cleaners may cost you as much as $50 - $200 an hour. The truth is, your money  is better spent on cleaning solutions and pet treats all while having spick and span floors. 

I am also a parent to two pomeranians and I can proudly say that I am able to maintain our floors without spending so much time, energy and money.

Here we list some of our proven floor maintenance tips for pet owners. Because just like you, we also want our home to be clean for our loved ones and pets. 

How do I get started with floor cleaning?

Remove pet fur beforehand.

Grab your dusting pad or your vacuum cleaner to remove as much fur as possible prior to deep cleaning your floors. Doing this as your first step to deep cleaning will significantly help you efficiently clean your floors. 

Check if you have the necessary tools.

The tools you use when floor cleaning may depend on the type of floors that you have at home. Grab your vacuum cleaner, steam mop, bucket, brush, pet-friendly cleaning products, etc. 

How to make floor maintenance much easier?

Brush your pet’s hair regularly.

Ideally, brush your pet daily and so outside your home if possible. If daily isn’t on your schedule, then be sure to brush your pet at least weekly. This daily or weekly habit will not only keep the hair mess at bay, but it will also prevent having pet hair scattered in your furnishings, floors, and anywhere else indoors, aka dust bunnies. 

Quickly clean high traffic areas everyday.

Practicing the habit of sweeping or vacuuming high trafficked areas every day will help prevent your pet’s hair from being scattered all over the place. When you’re quick at cleaning, high traffic areas, you also prevent hair from hiding into the nooks and crannies of your home. 

Having a portable dog paw cleaner handy will prove to be helpful in keeping your pets’ paws clean after taking a walk outdoors. This will spare your entryways from quickly getting soiled.

Make rugs and mats your best friend.

Put these in the entryways, high traffic areas and anywhere else where your pets love to stay. Entry mats are good for trapping as much dirt and debris from your pets’ paws. This will prevent most dirt from getting into your home. As a matter of fact, we have a rug outside, in front of the dog door, and inside also in front of the dog door, we’re trying to capture as much dirt as possible off those paws.

Putting rugs at your pets’ favorite spots really  helps with preventing dirt from sticking to your floors. This way, you’ll only be cleaning the rugs more often instead of your floors, preserving the beauty of your floors for the years to come. 

Pet owners should bear in mind that it’s important to choose a well-designed doormat, rug and the type of carpet you put in your home when you have fur babies running around.  

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What’s the best way to deep clean floors when you have pets?

Invest in floor cleaning equipment. 

Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Invest in a vacuum cleaner that’s efficient and  does a great job vacuuming up your pet’s hair avoiding dust bunny build up. Make sure to choose the kind of vacuum cleaner that is designed specifically with your pet's hair in mind. And, don’t forget to introduce that sound of vacuum slowly and carefully. 

A lot of pets find the sound of floor vacuum cleaners frightening. But gradually introducing the vacuum to your pets will make them eventually get used to the sound of the vacuum and won’t find your routine as scary, especially if you give treats when turning on your vacuum.. 

Steam Floor Mop

This is another good investment for better floor maintenance as a pet owner. Choose the one that provides  steam that is hot enough to kill germs from litter boxes and other pesky messes. An effective steam floor mop should have the ability to clean grouts inbetween tiled floors and can remove every hair and litter that sticks to the floor. 

Learning how to effectively steam clean for your type of floor is important to ensure that all the ground-in dirt and pathogens on the floor are eliminated. 

If you have hardwood floors, you can check out our previous post on Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors. In this post, we share several floor maintenance and cleaning tips for that well-sanitized and thoroughly cleaned floors you’ve been dreaming of having. 

Use the right steam mop replacement pads.

Never opt for disposable mop pads that not only ruin your budget, the environment and your ability to achieve super clean floors. It is better to choose steam mop replacement pads that you can use and wash over and over again. 

If you are using the Smart Living steam floor mop, you may try A La Carte’s steam mop replacement pads that are durable, thicker, stronger and more absorbent. These replacement pads are excellent at absorbing more grease, dirt, dust and grime than any other steam mop pads out there. 

Choose pet-friendly cleaning solutions.

Just like human beings, pets can also be badly affected by the chemicals from cleaning solutions. This is why if you have pets at home, steer clear from any floor cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals. Read the product label to make sure it doesn't contain chemicals such as benzalkonium chloride, phthalates, bleach and ammonia. 

We wouldn’t want any of our pets or your pets to be put at risk by inadvertently being exposed to harmful cleaning solutions. So to be on the safe side,, purchase floor cleaning products that are toxic-free and contain only plant-based ingredients. 

What are the best examples of non-toxic natural floor cleaning solutions?

  1. Baking Soda - used for scrubbing the floor, as odor absorber and as pet deodorizer
  2. Water and Vinegar - as multi-purpose floor cleaning solution
  3. Liquid Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda - for cleaning pet urine, poop and vomit

If you’re like us, your pets are members of the family, which means, you wouldn’t want to just use any cleaning products for your floor maintenance routine, you want to choose the best and safest. Also remember to choose safe cleaning solutions that are used in and around the bathroom. If your dog is like mine, then they often follow you into the bathroom too. 

Now that you have a home that’s spic and span, and you’re pooped from a full day of cleaning, you deserve a break. Think about relaxing on your couch with an easy-to-prepare cocktail in one hand and a good book on the other. 

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