Breakfast Lunch & Dinner - April 23, 2021
April 23, 2021

Breakfast Lunch & Dinner - April 23, 2021

Happy Friday! 

Here is your weekly dose of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, your weekly post of the fun, entertaining and inquisitive things we have going.



Overnight Chia Pudding -

I love the idea of having what seems dessert as a healthy breakfast! I’ve made this recipe a couple different ways too, so feel free to make some adjustments, I also like to add in hemp hearts when I add the chia seeds. Check out Juliana and Mark’s video to watch how easy it is to make.



Super Easy and Delicious Open Faced Sandwich -

I do love me some hummus, cucumber, tomato and cheese! What’s great about this super easy and delicious open-faced sandwich is one that can be changed up in many ways depending on the ingredients you have on hand. Ie: sub mozzarella for feta cheese, add some arugula for a some extra brightness and a little kick, sprinkle some Italian herbs on top.

Oh! – you can even build little individual bite sizes and use an everything ritz cracker rather than toast if you’d like. (I’ve done this before, makes for a great appetizer too!)

The possibilities are endless!



Knock you sock off it’s so good –

Last week I mentioned we watched the Netflix special Down to Earth, well on one of the episodes they featured Ella Woodward from Deliciously Ella, feel free to click the link if you’d like to learn more about her story. What grabbed my attention was the mouthwatering Coconut Curry Recipe she made on the show. I followed the recipe in the link, but feel free to add in shrimp, chicken or pork if you’d like.


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Make it a phenomenal weekend!

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