Holiday 🎄 Date Night 🥂
November 30, 2021

Holiday 🎄 Date Night 🥂


During all the hustle and bustle of the holidays don’t forget about that someone special in your life. Plan a date night and make it extra special for just the two of you. 

Your date night doesn’t have to be out on the town, it can also be a date night at home. You can get dressed up and have a candlelit dinner or go in the complete opposite direction and have a cute date night in your jammies, maybe they’re even cute sexy jammies.

After all, there is always something about winter that makes everyone want to get cosy with their partners. But, how do you make your holiday date night an unforgettable one? Here are our tried and tested tips. 



How about getting yourselves warm as you turn on your Traeger grill and start preparing your favorite grill recipe together?

You may choose to cook recipes that bring back wonderful memories for both of you. Or try a new recipe and make new memories together.  If this is the case then I recommend you should try our Traeger Grilled Chicken


traeger grilled chicken


Don’t forget to make the entire process totally memorable by playing romantic music in the background and then light some candles when it’s finally time to eat.



If you’re living in a place where Zoom or Skype parties have to become the norm, then it’s high time you think about doing something totally different.

Remember that a “party” doesn’t always mean being in a crowd of many people. How about a holiday date night preparing cocktails for that “romantic date night, party of 2” together?

Invite your partner to come over so you two can share beautiful tales of love over cocktails! You can recreate holiday cocktails or whip up a completely new cocktail recipe.

We have some that we would like to recommend. These two cocktails are super delicious and a bit on the fancy side:


whiskey sour cocktail with egg whites

 easiest mulled wine


Don’t worry. You’ll find plenty of cocktail recipes to choose from once you visit our YouTube channel. Once you have cocktails on the table, you’ll realize that it instantly elevates the atmosphere from an ordinary time in the kitchen to a special “holiday date night” that both of you will certainly cherish for years. 

Also, if you find that preparing cocktails matches your definition of the best “holiday date night”, we would be delighted to have you as one of our regular viewers to our Sunday Happy Hour, which happens every Sunday @ 3:30 pm PST. CLICK HERE to join!




have a blast, it's a must


If cooking your favorite recipe together or preparing cocktails fails to pique you and your partner’s interest, then how about this - try visiting an indoor shooting range. Look for an indoor shooting range that has special offers for ladies or couples shooting together.

Some ranges are open up to 7pm, 8pm or 9pm. If you do not know where exactly you should go, you may visit and check out the best indoor ranges where you can spend your exciting holiday date night together.

 A word of caution though - once you’ve experienced the excitement, you might not want the night to end anymore. The adventure and action can be so addicting! You  will find yourselves going to the range over and over again!




Date night by the camp fire


No amount of snow could melt away your love for each other and that is a fact. Another fact,  the coldness of winter only ignites your burning love even more. And to add fuel to the fire, why not stay outdoors for a holiday date night and drink hot tea or hot chocolate by a bonfire? 

Though this is best done at the beach, this can also be done in your front or back yard. As long as you have a fire pit, some hot chocolate and lots of marshmallows then you’re all set up for a memorable holiday date night. And, please don’t forget your good dry seasoned hardwood!




netflix and chill


Special holidays indeed call for holiday date nights that often make memories that last forever. 

What’s your idea of the best holiday date night?

For many couples, it could be something like watching their favorite film while curling up on the couch, a hot chocolate on top of that side table or a bowl of popcorn on one hand. 

What are you waiting for?

Start combing through your favorite hallmark movies for that romantic movie date night at home. However, the options are really up to you and your partner. But whether it’s a Marvel movie or just another action-packed film, never forget to read the movie reviews first before finally deciding what to watch.




Christmas gift wrap wrapping paper


Holiday date nights are so much fun when you wrap presents together! Still shopping for holiday gifts (and we hope you go shopping with your loved one) then when all gifts have been bought, it's time to wrap all the presents!

Don’t worry if you do not possess impressive wrapping skills. All it takes is a bit of creativity and lots of laughter as you find yourselves enjoying each other’s company. However, make sure to prepare your boxes, ribbons, double-sided tape and a cutting tool before your scheduled holiday date night. 

As you get busy cutting, taping and wrapping remember that every gift is made much more special when they’re sealed with a kiss! So, wrap up your night with presents that await your friends and family and a kiss to make the night totally memorable. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate your holiday date night, the key is to set aside some time for a tiny bit of planning and know that it will go a long way towards making the night a magical one.

Whether your holiday date night involves cooking, making cocktails or spending time at an indoor shooting range - what matters most is that you took the time to have fun and create new memories together.