How To Lose Weight This Summer - And Enjoy Every Bit of It
September 15, 2021

How To Lose Weight This Summer - And Enjoy Every Bit of It


When summer rolls around and you find yourself not shedding the extra pounds, don’t get frustrated. It is still possible to lose weight this summer.
What matters most is that you are willing to make the necessary changes and stick to it for good.
This post will give you simple yet effective tips on how to lose weight this summer.
Forget about extreme workouts. But rather think about incorporating this helpful information into your everyday life.



Helpful Tips to Help You Lose Weight This Summer


Snack on weight loss fruits

Jazz up your snack time with fruits that help you lose weight this summer. Diet experts recommend snacking on fruits that contain not more than 100 calories a day.
Good examples include medium-sized apples, which contain about 70 calories and a cup of blueberries which has approximately 80 calories.
Regular consumption of fruits has been linked to lower body weight. Research also proves that eating fruits on a regular basis can help lower one’s risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses.
Pears and apples are examples of fruits high in fiber that can help you lose weight this summer.
High fiber fruits are low-glycemic which means they are less likely to cause a sugar rush and crash, preventing you from feeling hungry.
By avoiding a sugar crash, you are less likely to crave sugar and other unhealthy snacks.
Instead of reaching for a bowl of cereal, grab some bananas, strawberries or oranges.
If you’re not certain which fruits will help you lose weight this summer, check out our Fruits in Season” printable below to give you a guide for planning your weekly weight loss meal plan.



Fruits for Summer Weight Loss


What fruits to eat in moderation when trying to lose weight?

Although abundant during summer season, go easy on bananas, because a medium size gives you about 105 calories.
Grapes should also be eaten in moderation. A 100-gram (3.5oz) of grapes has about 16 grams (.56oz) of sugar content and almost 70 calories.


Load up on vegetables

If you’re trying to lose weight this summer then vegetables are your best friend.
Eat more green leafy vegetables and eat in moderation those starchy veggies.
Remember that there are plenty of ways to incorporate vegetables into your daily diet.
When it comes to losing weight this summer, it is important you become familiar with what vegetables are abundant during this season.
This way, it will be easier for you to plan your weekly meals in advance. Click the printable sheet below that we've created to help you determine which vegetables are easy to find this summer.
This printable will also serve as your guide when learning how to lose weight this summer.


How to add more veggies into your daily diet?

Set refined carbs aside.

Substitute rice and pasta with squash, broccoli, cauliflower and green leafy vegetables. These can be just as filling as rice or pasta but with a lower total amount of calories.

So, your meals are nutritious and satisfying at the same time.

Why choose veggies over pasta and rice? Pasta, specifically the ones made from refined carbs, could easily increase your daily calorie intake. The same can also be said with rice.

So, rather than consuming rice and pasta, it is better to opt for high-fiber vegetables and whole-grain pasta.


Put more vegetables on your plate!
Look at the size of the plate that you use when eating. Make sure vegetables take up most of your plate.
This means that meat should only be eaten in a smaller portion compared to veggies. But keep in mind that you do not use a platter but a regular size plate. ;-)
What’s the right portion size for veggies in each meal?
Ideally, adults should consume at least two to three cups of vegetables daily.



Healthy Weight Loss Plate


Replace egg and cheese with veggies.
Instead of eating bacon or sausage, consider eating spinach, mushrooms and onions as a substitute for your morning omelet.
When preparing sandwiches, use more cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes.
Rather than loading up your sandwich with lots of cheese, choose to make it more nutritious with veggies, you’ll thank yourself for this change and you’ll notice you have a bit more energy because of it.


Add more veggies into your broth-based soup.
Instead of adding more meat into your soup, throw in more carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, beans and other chopped veggies. Parsley is especially delicious in broth soups.
A broth-based soup will surely fill you up without increasing your calorie intake.
What vegetables are the worst for weight loss? Starchy veggies.
Eat starchy veggies sparingly, some examples of these are potatoes and squash.
Eating just a single cup of mashed potatoes will give you about 249 calories. On the contrary, a cup of spinach or zucchini will give you less than 20 calories. So, if you’re determined to lose weight this summer, eat more leafy greens!


Drink Lassi

Looking for a sweet escape from the scorching heat of summer? Grab a chilled drink, but not one that’s made from sugar.
Choose lassi! And yes the name may be something you’ve never heard before. It’s a beverage with Indian culinary heritage.
It is made from blended yogurt, spices or herbs and water. It may also be made with fruits. Lassi started to gain popularity in the Northern parts of India and has become increasingly popular in North America.
Lassi is known for its ability to help in the reduction of accumulated belly fats. It is also popular for its vitamin D and lactic acid content.
These nutrients help rev up your immune system which is also crucial for improving metabolism when you are trying to lose weight this summer.
You can also create different fusions of lassi. For example, you can have mango mint lassi, where the mint is served as a topping or garnish for an added minty flavor to your drink.
You can also try a ginger lassi, infused with mild spices in addition to ginger. As long as you’re mixing in nutritious ingredients, do not be afraid to take your lassi beverage to a whole new level.


Opt for healthy summer cocktails.

Losing weight shouldn’t be too boring. Avoiding soft drinks and other sugar-laden beverages could mean you have to drink more plain water everyday. Not necessarily a bad thing, most people could use more water in their daily life anyway.
But, it could also mean preparing your own healthy summer cocktails.
Yes, you’ve read it right. Eating healthy, rather than calling it "dieting," has never been so exciting when you know how to create your own healthy summer cocktails.
Check out our summer cocktail videos on Youtube and you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to make your own cocktails at home. Not to mention, we also have plenty of videos about summer cocktails that you can choose from.


Happy Hour summer cocktails 

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail without sabotaging your weight loss goals.
These summer cocktails are also a good alternative when you have a craving for ice cream or another cold and super sweet dessert, and you’re still trying to lose weight this summer.
Incorporate fruits into your cocktail and not only will you have healthy beverages to indulge in, you will also realize that great-tasting cocktail beverages do not have to be loaded with sugar and other artificial flavors.
Some of the best summer cocktails that you can enjoy but that won’t ruin your weight loss diet plans include:



Stick to lean protein. 

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of protein.
In fact, there are plenty of protein choices that you can include in your daily diet and still make your meals as sumptuous as you want them to be.
One of the best options include eggs. Remember that one egg has 85 calories and contains 7 grams of muscle building protein.
Eggs are also packed with antioxidants, amino acids, choline and iron.
Another good option is chicken breast. This lean meat is packed with 26 grams of protein in every three ounces.
If you’re looking to make an impressive meal for outdoor cooking, consider grilling. You can check out Traeger Grill Cooking recipes for more inspiration.
Take your protein recipes to a healthier level by grilling them. Research shows that grilled meat retains more of its thiamine and riboflavin content giving you a healthier meal.
The reason behind this is because grilling reduces cooking time which enables the meat to retain its nutrients. However, make sure not to burn any part of the meat as this can be harmful to health.
For rice substitutes, think about switching to quinoa. One fourth cup of quinoa will give you 6 grams of protein.
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