How to Make Memories During the Holiday Season 🎄 - Without BREAKING THE BANK!

December 07, 2021

How to Make Memories During the Holiday Season 🎄 - Without BREAKING THE BANK!


'Tis the season of making wonderful memories with loved ones. Many would think that making holiday memories entail splurging a hefty amount of money to make everything extra special. The truth is, it doesn't have to be that way. 

You just need to know some ways of how you can make wonderful memories during the holidays WITHOUT breaking the bank.


Eat and Listen to Your Heart’s Content!


Girls listening to Christmas music with cookies and Christmas Tree


Creating a holiday music playlist can be super fun! Imagine yourself and your loved one spending time together trying to figure out which version of “Silent Night” is better. The best thing about this activity is that you will never run out of songs to include in your playlist. 

Whether you want fresh takes on famous Christmas Classics or some modern holiday pop hits on your playlist, it’s all up to you!

Here are some fun suggestions:

40 Classic Christmas Songs You'll LOVE

45 Best Modern Christmas Songs

70 Best Christmas Songs

Does all this Christmas and Holiday music leave you craving some baked goodies? Make sure you have your favorite cookies at hand’s reach as you move from one song to another. 

Check out the following cookie recipes and don’t forget to use A La Carte’s spatulas for baking efficiency in your kitchen!

Chocolate-Dipped Orange Shortbread Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Classic Christmas Cookies! (Vanilla Biscuits / Sugar Cookies)


Movie Date Nights with Delicious Snack Bites 


man and woman as a couple watching movie with sliders as snacks


How about creating your own list of “Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time”? Just like your Christmas music playlist, you will have a long list of movies to choose from. The process of choosing the best may not be an easy thing to do especially if you’re a movie junkie. 

You can always arrange the list according to genre. From established classics, love stories to horror Christmas movies, the list goes on! You can even make it Top 20 or Top 30.

The Best 44 Hallmark Christmas Movies

60 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

47 Christmas Movies on Netflix


Just don’t forget to change up your finger foods or snacks for each movie night you have. There are many snack recipes worth trying. Besides, who says you can only have popcorn during movie marathons? 

Here are some finger food and snack recipes guaranteed to make your movie night even better:

17 Movie Night Snacks that are Better than Popcorn

25 Snacks that Everyone Should Have on Their Movie Night Menu

33 Movie Night Snacks to Fuel Your Next Binge Watch 


A Childhood Dish to Fulfill Your Wish


couple drinking mocktails or non alcoholic beverages


From mac and cheese to chicken nuggets, surely you have a favorite childhood dish that you still love to eat. How about sharing wonderful memories of the past while enjoying your favorite childhood dish? 

How about you? What’s your favorite childhood dish? Is it frozen pizza? Pancakes? Fish sticks? Or, peanut butter and jelly? How about creating your own grownup version of your favorite childhood dish? 

Make the entire process even more memorable by preparing mocktails that you loved during your younger years or one that your kids will certainly love. 

You can try the following mocktails with your kids for amazing holiday memories:

Mango Mojito Mocktail

Spanish Gin & Tonic Mocktail

Or, if you’re celebrating with an “all-grownup” crowd, we have the best cocktails that you shouldn’t miss adding into your holiday cocktail recipe list:

Peanut Butter Whiskey Spiked Eggnog

Holly Jolly Christmas Cocktail

Caramel Apple Mimosa


Make DIY Holiday Cards for Friends and Loved Ones 


diy homemade cards


Receiving customized Christmas cards can bring about so much joy. It never fails to amaze me to think that despite the fact that we all lead busy lives, which became even busier during the holiday season, you’ve got that special someone who still finds the time to create a custom card designed especially for you. 

One way to create wonderful memories this holiday season, is to start making DIY holiday cards as part of your tradition. Traditions are more likely to be cherished, especially if it calls for everyone’s participation. 

In other words, this task becomes even more memorable when you have your loved one or your family creating them with you. So, spread the love, share the fun and encourage them to create holiday cards with you!

5 Clear Tips to Make Handmade Cards Quick!

How to Make Cards: 10 Card-Making Tips for Beginners

35 Handmade Christmas Card Ideas to Create for Friends and Family

Don’t forget to document the entire process so you have pictures to cherish and look back on next year!

The good news is, with all the tools and ideas available online, it becomes so easy to create custom holiday cards on the  fly.  Grab your scissors, glue, ribbons and photos or just open your laptop and your Canva software and voila! Holiday DIY cards are designed with no sweat at all!


Declutter and Start Being “The Giver”


Making wonderful memories this holiday season is not just about shopping or receiving fancy gifts. Make it even more meaningful by decluttering your home office, personal room or your entire home to see what you no longer need. 


two women decluttering their work space


Make this task even more exciting by doing it with your loved one. When you start to organize the stuff that you no longer need you will be surprised to see, if you're like us, you have a nice sized pile to give to charity!

The Best Ways to Responsibly Donate Your Clutter

How to Declutter, Donate, and Get Rid of Everything in 2021

If you have children, this task will help inspire them to become “givers.” When you add this as part of your family's annual tradition, you will not only be making wonderful memories for yourselves, but you will also be able to make other people’s holiday as wonderful as yours by giving them your excess stuff as a holiday gift. 

Whatever occasion you are celebrating, the best memories are always those shared with your loved ones. So, whenever you plan any activity for the holiday season, make it lasting by making sure that your friends, family and loved ones are part of it. 

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