Self Care During the Holidays 🎄
November 22, 2021

Self Care During the Holidays 🎄


Is the holiday season starting to give you some stress? When you’re busy taking care of everyone else, sometimes you forget to take care of yourself. 

This week we’re focusing on self care during the holidays. Here are some doable self-care tips.

Self-Care Tip #1: Keep warm with a mug of hot cocoa

Dairy Free Hot Cocoa


Let’s start with your diet. The best way to prevent the adverse effects of stress is to stick to your healthy diet goals. Start with warming yourself up with hot cocoa.

Not sure how to prepare one? Click HERE to check out our video on how we make it.

With this hot cocoa recipe, it will be easy for you to keep warm and continue to bring your best self to the holidays!


Self-Care Tip #2: Quench your thirst with a healthy smoothie

healthy green smoothie


But if some days you find yourself craving for a smoothie, steer clear from the unhealthy and sugar-laden versions.

Click Here to try our healthy smoothie recipe.


Self-Care Tip #3: Treat yourself to a healthy delicious meal

butter nut squash recipes easy and delicious 

There’s just something ultra cozy about warm butternut squash.

In particular I love a delicious pasta carbonara with butternut squash bites, but let’s not limit butternut squash to just dinner.

Click here to check out our post on the different ways to use BUTTERNUT SQUASH for all three main meals.


Self-Care Tip #4: Soak in a hot bath

relax and soak in salt bath, milk bath, bubble bath


Soaking in a hot bath not only soothes those tired muscles. It is also one great way to give yourself some pampering time.

Make this self-care routine even more indulgent by using all-natural Susan’s Soaps. A couple of my favorite items are Whipped Body Butter and her luxurious Face Masque.


Self-Care Tip #5: Take some YOU time to read a happy Christmas or Holiday book

David Baldacci The Christmas Train

The holidays can indeed take a toll on yourself, especially if you’re among the many who easily tend to forget the word “me” in Merry after all the stressful shopping and holiday planning.

Sit down and grab your favorite book. If you haven’t got anything to read yet, I highly recommend one of my favorite holiday books - "The Christmas Train” by David Baldacci.


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Thanks again for joining us on this fun journey. Feel free to comment below or email us with your feedback.

Make it a phenomenal week and Happy Holidays!

Cheers to you and yours, 

Dana & the Á La Carte Cooking Team